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Roadside MBA: Business Tactics On a Smaller Scale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to road trip with three of your favorite professors? Well now you don’t have to. Roadside MBA features three economics professors road tripping around the United States to educate small and medium-sized businesses owners with MBA knowledge usually reserved for business mavens like Ford, Pepsi, and Microsoft.

Since the beginning of their journey in 2011, Mike Mazzeo, Paul Oyer, and Scott Schaefer have visited around 100 businesses on seven different road trips, learned about what makes those businesses work, and published a book - Roadside MBA:  Backroad Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small Business Owners (Business Plus). In this book you will find valuable lessons on business tactics tailor-made for business owners just like you.

We love Roadside MBA because they decided to take what they know and use it to benefit others in a creative way. If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business, pick up a copy of their book at one of these locations and get your “Roadside MBA” today.

#InspireHerMind #LikeAGirl Because #GirlsCan!

What do Verizon, Always, and Covergirl have in common? One provides digital services, one femine products, and one cosmetics – but they’re all inspiring young women to be more than society says they are.

This year, these three brands launched ads focusing on words and how they effect young girls’ perceptions of themselves. Verizon’s ad focuses on the fact that society should stop demeaning adolescent girls’ love of math and science with #InspireHerMind, while Always’ (featured in our previous blogpost) viral video aims to change the insulting tone of the phrase “Like a girl,” with their #LikeAGirl campaign. In addition to these two thought-provoking videos, Covergirl recently unveiled a series of commercials entitled “#GirlsCan,” that give examples of powerful women such as Queen Latifah and Ellen Degeneres who have achieved what others said they couldn’t.

At BENEW, we believe these #BrandsWithPlans are changing the scope of business by motivating young ladies to go beyond what has traditionally been expected of them. They make way for a future in which women are at the forefront of business and thought leaders of our world. How do these three brands (or others) inspire you? Share with us on Twitter using the hashtag #BrandsWithPlans.