BENEW Sandbox

Thriving, Loving, & Legacy

Several years ago while sitting at her desk Arianna Huffington keeled over from exhaustion, broke her cheekbone, and gashed her eyelid. Ironically, Arianna's misfortune turned out to be my good fortune because several weeks ago I got to attend, for free, her Thrive Conference - A Third Metric Live Event - at New York's City Center. To read a much better overview than I could ever write, check out "Inside Third Metric Live, Where CEOs Preach 'Wellness' as a Means to Money and Power," by Slate Magazine.

What I would like to write about were my two favorite speakers from this two day event:  Panache Desai and Brad Meltzer. The first time I ever heard Panache Desai speak was on Oprah Winfrey's "Soul Sunday" and I was hooked. How can you not like a man who professes that "there is no part of you that is wrong?" Panache believes "liberation is acceptance of one's self and one's self as it is. Liberation and freedom and your greater potential can begin to be accessed when you finally take a stand and say, 'I am here, I AM ENOUGH, and that is ALL.'" So simple, so empowering, and so very difficult for most of us to do. But now we can read his newly released book, "Discovering Your Soul Signature" or click on the video above and start practicing.

If we can do this well, we will be on our way to answer the question that Brad Meltzer proposed to all of us at the conference to write down - What is your legacy?

Brad told us emphatically that we will all live on forever if we do two things; help others and make sure that we thank those that had change our lives. And lo and behold several days later I was about to get my chance! On Friday, May 2, while purchasing my copy of Panache Desai's book at Barnes & Noble, I saw that T.D. Jakes would be signing his new book "Instinct" on May 6. Several years ago on Oprah's Life Class, I heard T.D. Jakes utter these nine words - "Who are these people you want to validate you?" My life was changed right on the spot! Now I was going to get my chance to thank him in person and so I did! See below. So let me know how you are thriving, loving yourself, and living your legacy and  learn more by reading one of these three new books by Arianna Huffington, Panache Desai, and T.D. Jakes.