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Agents of Change

At BENEW, we believe that with great power comes great responsibility, and it is the responsibility of corporations to be the change needed in the world. In the collective society we live in, consumers no longer want to be sold to from corporations, they want to buy from humanistic brands whose Authentic Purposes they believe in and want to be a part of. This is the future of marketing, and BENEW is here to help take your business and brand to the forefront.

We are dedicated to transforming corporate brands into powerful, purposeful agents of change. Our innovative humanistic marketing approach is destined to elicit the Authentic Purpose of brands. We infuse these Authentic Purposes into innovative marketing strategies anchored in cutting-edge trend forecasts that enhance the lives of consumers and instill positive, impactful change in society.


The discovery phase is the most important work we will do together. We will help you to identify your authentic core and design strategic programs that ignite these values into action.

We will do this is by LISTENING VERY CLOSELY to everything you have to say. We are ACTIVE listeners.


People support organizations that stand for something.  We set our sights on the big goals that move your participants, employees, and audience to action! We will articulate your vision and the strategies that can get you there.

In our interconnected world, businesses must do more than engage–they must connect in the minds & hearts of their consumers and communities to stimulate action.  We will conceptualize a strategic program that achieves marketing goals from awareness to loyalty and connect the physical and digital worlds for lasting impact.


To reach your aspirations you will need the right activities and partners.

Our 25 years of trend spotting and forecasting, promotional marketing and philanthropic experience enables us to connect the dots, strategize unique experiences and facilitate relationships.  Identifying the right partners for long-lasting and beneficial impact is our ultimate goal for you.