Make It Right

What Is Make It Right Ice Cream?
Make It Right Ice Cream is a collaboration
between two socially concerned New York City businesses:
Betty Newman's BENEW and Mikey Likes It Ice Cream.

Our purpose is to bring awareness and financial
resources to local, national, and global causes.

Original ice cream flavors will be created
to support causes that demand our
immediate attention and action.

We are delighted to have you join us
in the launch of our first flavor:

Cookies & Milk
This flavor has been developed to benefit
organizations that help the homeless in NYC.

To Make a Purchase
and Support the Cause

Visit Mikey Likes It Ice Cream at
199 Avenue A (between 12th & 13th St.)
in New York, NY.

Coming soon: Purchase Make It Right Ice Cream Online!
Stay tuned to Make It Right for additional
flavors and causes to support in the future!

Receive updates about Make It Right Ice Cream
or collaborate with us on an ice cream flavor
to support a cause of your choice:

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