BENEW Sandbox

Making It Right!

What do you do when you LOVE ice cream and want to change the world?

You find an ice cream maker extraordinaire that shares your passions, ask your banker to support your goal, sprinkle in some superb entertainment, and invite your friends, colleagues, and the public to celebrate your dream. Now you have all the necessary ingredients to launch - Make It Right Ice Cream - the power of the pint!


Fall of 2008 & the Heroic Journey

In October of 2008 I knew nothing about the Heroic Journey or L. Frank Baum, the author of "The Wizard of Oz," nor Joseph Campbell and Jean Houston-the great chroniclers of the Heroic Journey in Mythology-and certainly not Jonah Sachs, author of "Winning the Story Wars."

What I did know for certain was that my world as I knew it had been turned upside down. The death of my only sibling, the simultaneous financial tsunami and an impending milestone birthday catapulted me onto my own Yellow Brick Road and Heroic Journey.

Suddenly I found myself training to become a Sandplay Therapist-a lifelong dream-and accurately forecasting Socially Responsible Trends. But most importantly, I began to develop a deeper understanding of how the Heroic Journey is a template for transformation for each of us, the world and most surprisingly BRANDS.

Follow me and I will show you how.